Superior will expertly service your plumbing repairs, large or small, 24 hours a day. We’ll be there for any emergency with your hot water heater, water filter, roof tank, or to investigate a leak. Give us a call for preventative maintenance, too and we’ll make sure that emergencies never happen with the expertise of our licensed master plumber (LMP license #2020) and experienced field technicians.

Superior performs Bid construction projects for renovations, remodeling and more.


Don’t get stuck in the cold this winter. We’re here for 24 hour emergency repair or installation of your boiler or other heating system, old or new. Call us now for boiler cleanings, annual startups, violation corrections, and system troubleshooting for a malfunctioning or improperly installed heating systems.


Fire Sprinkler

We’re licensed MFSPC (License #906-B), and S-12 and S-13 certified. Call us now, for your monthly sprinkler inspections, corrections, system installations, and sprinkler maintenance 24 hours a day.

FDNY Hydrostatic and Flow Testing

Fire Pump Churn Testing

Fire Extinguisher


Backflow Prevention

Call us now for any backflow preventer installation, repair, and annual testing 24 hours a day.

Drain Cleaning

Call us now for drain cleaning and maintenance 24 hours a day. We even have video camera inspection for stoppages that are harder to identify.

Main Sewer


Floor Drains

Yard Drains

Roof Drains



Kitchen Stack

Gas Systems

Gas leaks are costly and dangerous. Call us now for gas leak detection, repairs, filing/permits, testing and “turn on”. 24 hours a day.

What You Do: 

If you smell a gas odor act fast,  Open nearby windows and doors as quickly as possible and vacate the building immediately.

Once you are away from the premises, call your gas provider.

If your gas provided confirms repairs are needed, Call Superior

For additional Gas Work Safety Legislation for tenants and building owners, please click the following link: NYC GAS WORK 

What We Do: 

Repairs for Con Edison and National Grid supplied buildings

Perform leak test on all exposed gas piping to determine repairs needed to the best of our ability

Open permit with DOB and your gas provider

Make repairs, replacements and code corrections as needed to the gas systems

Perform gas inspections with DOB

Perform gas inspections and turn on with Coned/Nation Grid


Gas Work Licenses:

Full Gas Qualification

Licensed In Local Law 152 Gas Inspections (Task 86/87)

Licensed To Work On Medical Gas

16 Hour Limited Gas

Pump Repairs

Call us now for preventative maintenance, installation, testing and repairs both on-site and off-site of your pumps 24 hours a day.


Domestic Water Booster Pumps

Circulator Pumps

Fire Pumps

Sewage Pumps